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I just wiped away tears because I found $10 hiding in my wallet and I’m been so stressed about money. This is so sad

So many times people have ignored me because they’re too busy texting/ internet surfing on their phones and it’s so rude. Omfg I fucking HATE when I’m hanging out with someone and all they do is stay glued on their phone. I’m trying to have a conversation with you and all you can muster up is short responses without looking up from the screen. Seriously? What is wrong with people? I am not that boring. Fucking get off your phone!!

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seriously though take this personality quiz and tell me what you get. it’s important. 

“You are a Cottontail! Small to medium size Gentle Cute Faithful Passionate Impatient”

"You are a Swan! Sophisticated Gentle Flighty"

Ooh I am also a swan!

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Champs-Élysées :’-)

Wow her hair!


My fav show

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Denim on 


FKA Twigs by Dmitry Khokhlov

for Catalogue Magazine (2014)